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AIRomantic Incense Burner Factory Seconds

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The AIRomantic Incense Burner will clear & revitalize your surroundings as you bring an air of inspiration to your work or creative space. Transform your personal space with your personal fragrance infusion! All units have minor cosmetic flaws but are fully functional.

This is a discreet way to personally enjoy your fine incense & rare fragrances. A perfect tool for incense connoisseurs for daily or ritual enjoyment of rare incense, precious woods & resins without combustion. 

Designed to conserve your precious aromatics & agarwoods, our patented technology heats and & the screen in 3-5 seconds, while unlocking full fragrance within your personal space. As a gesture of self-love or to cultivate romance, share your AIRomantic fragrance to ignite the spirit & excite the senses.

Power source included with an adjustable temperature dial to heat & unlock the true essence of fine incense with no charcoal, no smoke & no harsh fumes.  

Your AIRomantic Incense Burner Factory Seconds Purchase includes:

  • One (1) Factory Second AIRomantic Incense Burner
  • One (1) Power Adapter 2.1 including Wall Plug
  • One (1) Cleaning Brush 
  • One (1) Brass Spoon
  • Foils
  • Tweezers

*NOTE: This is NOT a Launch Box. This Incense Burner vaporizes incense, woods & resin for external fragrance enjoyment ONLY.  This is NOT an inhalation vaporizer.* 


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