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This gorgeous ENVISION LAUNCH BOX® is next in our Chakra Series, the only collection with a customized aphorism, branded with an inspiring reminder to activate your inner sight:

ENVISION represents the Third Eye or 6th chakra with its traditional symbol etched on the lid. Activate and stimulate your intuitive perception and ENVISION the ideal, known and unknown. The impact-resistant acrylic lid swivels open and locks in place to keep your stash secure until you're ready to LAUNCH.   Check out the LAUNCH BOX FLIGHT GUIDE

The LAUNCH BOX® is …

For Dried Herb

The purest extraction to enjoy your favorite dried herb, flower or cannabis.

Patented Technology

A powerful yet discreet, handheld device designed to efficiently extract the essence of your favorite dried herbal material in a flash with no combustion.

Easy to Use

Swivel the lid open Finely grind your dried herb into the trench Pop in your external power source & You’re ready for LAUNCH!

External Power Source

Required to power your BOX.
Choose from 3 convenient options.

No Electronics

Extremely reliable design with no internal moving parts, no internal plastic, and no microprocessor to break.

Modular Gear

Choose an external power option.
Select Bubbler attachment for added filtration.
Build your own LAUNCH Toolkit.


Zero herbal waste Instant heat & cool down Increase your herbal yield by 2-3 times Post-LAUNCH herb can be consumed as an edible.

Fast to Heat

Heats to 375-425°F in 3-5 seconds, while other disposables typically take more than 20+ seconds.

Organic Materials

Crafted using solid wood & pure stainless steel, giving you the cleanest herbal experience. Finished with food-grade mineral oil.

Artisan-Made in the USA

Our skilled, local artisans handcraft each BOX through 84 steps.

  • Solid wood construction
  • Stainless steel screen
  • No solder or heavy metal
  • Contains no internal plastic
  • No electronic circuitry
  • No internal moving parts
  • Durable acrylic lid
  • Side chamber for external power supply

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LAUNCH BOX®?

The LAUNCH BOX is a patented device handcrafted from a solid block of wood to extract the essence of dried herbal plant material.

How does the LAUNCH BOX® work?


1) Finely GRIND your dried herbal material into the trench using the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder.
2) Pop your power supply (1) Jet Pac, (2) Power Up 3.0, or (3) Magic Flight AA Battery into the side of the Box.
3) SIP as the stainless steel screen heats to 380-420*F in 3-5 seconds. SHAKE the Box between sessions.
4) Easy clean. When finished gently brush out the herbal material with the Cleaning Brush. (No gunk, No gummy residue)

How is the LAUNCH BOX® powered?

There are three options for powering your LAUNCH BOX®:
(1) The JET PAC Power Bank provides adjustable temp control and boundless off-grid power with anytime, anyplace.
(2) The POWER UP 3.0 with its temperature control dial powers your box from any electrical wall outlet or 12-volt power outlet on-the-go.
(3) Magic Flight’s AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries.

How can the LAUNCH BOX save you money?

• With no internal moving parts, the LAUNCH BOX is reliable and built to last, with proper care your Box can last a decade or more.
• Efficient use of material with our 360* airflow design.
• Economical, collect and repurpose your ABB (Already Been Baked) material and sprinkle into your next batch of baked goods.

How versatile is the LAUNCH BOX?

• Choose from a variety of functional draw whips and stylish stems.
• Attach your BOX to any water pipe with the water pipe whip.
• Connect a Bubbler to your LAUNCH BOX for an ultra pure experience.

What are the advantages of the LAUNCH BOX?

The LAUNCH BOX provides an organic, pure and simple herbal experience:
• Rugged organic construction: solid hardwood and pure 304 stainless steel. (No solder, No heavy metal, No combustion, No smoke, No cartridges)
• Patented technology creates instant Heat and Cool down (No burning, No waste).
• Highly effective yet stealthy and discreet.
• Three different power source options.
• Customize your blend depending on the time of day, mood, set or setting.
• Three different Bubbler options for a ultra smooth and elevated experience.

Is my LAUNCH BOX Eco-friendly?

Yes, the BOX is green, renewable, sustainable, clean, and recyclable.

What is the loading capacity?

The trench capacity is approximately ¼ teaspoon (between 50 to 100 mg)