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The UFO (Un-named Filtration Object) is the ultimate stealth LAUNCH! This unique, pocket-sized bamboo disc turns any drinking glass, wine glass, or coffee mug into a cool and refreshing water filtration BUBBLE for your LAUNCH BOX® or MD BOX®.

Imagine lounging or walking about as if you had a beverage in your hand, while secretly sipping your ultra clean, filtered herbal essenceWhen purity, stealth, and style are important to you, the UFO will catapult you into a whole new dimension in a flash.

UFO BUBBLER includes:

  • Contoured bamboo UFO disc (4" diameter)
    • with gasket seal underside
  • 18" black, medical-grade, silicone Whip attaches to your BOX
  • Two acrylic draw stem lengths (2.5" & 4 3/8") to sip your LAUNCH 
  • Two acrylic down-stem lengths (3" & 4.5")
  • Stretchy velvet drawstring pouch