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ORBITER - Whip Replacement

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Is your ORBITER Whip damaged or lost? Get your replacement here. 

The ORBITER - Whip Replacement is constructed with medical-grade black silicone tubing with a frosted, tapered, glass tip that fits snugly into the ORBITER orb receptacle and the other end is an acrylic tip that attaches to your BOX.  So you're ready to LAUNCH hookah-style, with an added layer of filtration and purity. 

ORBITER - Whip Replacement includes: 

  • A single wood-accented medical grade silicone whip 
    • with standard 14.5mm tapered glass fitting 
    • Non-toxic silicone gel packet
  • Select one:
    • Walnut or Cherry
  • Select one:
    • 18" (46 cm) or 27" (68.5 cm) length whip