Unique, Organic & Sustainable


Your Smokeless Solution for Dried Herbal Enjoyment

Meticulously crafted from solid wood, the only ORGANIC device delivering pure, full-flavored vapor. Customize your blend & enjoy our HIGHLY EFFECTIVE 360° Airflow Design. Zero waste! Heats up to 420° in 3-5 seconds. Built-to-last with no electronic circuitry or internal moving parts to fail.

For the perfect LAUNCH the FINISHING GRINDER provides an ultra-fine grind. Maximize your yield & save money!


Letter of Recommendation: Launch Box -THE NEW YORK TIMES
Winner Best-Looking Vape -GEAR PATROL REVIEW
Winner Best Old-School Vape -ESQUIRE MAGAZINE

Robust, Pure & Efficient


Your Superior Solution to Enjoy Concentrates

Artisan-made from solid walnut, this ORGANIC powerhouse instantly delivers an exquisitely fresh, clean dab every time. Replaceable stainless steel screen restores this device to its original functionality. SIMPLE without the hassle of pricey, bulky rigs. No cartridges or unknown additives to heat & reheat.

For the smoothest experience, check out our unique BUBBLER options.


~ Pure Stainless Steel Screen. NO solder. NO lead. NO heavy metals. ~

Handcrafted with love from California

Wildly Unique Creations!

Our commitment to the old world values of quality materials & craftsmanship shows in the reliability of our designs.
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