As a pioneer, Magic Flight revolutionized the marketplace in 2009 with the LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb, the first ever hand-held vaporizer. Before this time the only smoking alternative for herbal enjoyment were table top vaporizers. That’s right, we used to be tied to big, clunky devices that required a power outlet.

Magic Flight’s inception began with Forrest Landry’s compassionate desire to bring relief to a dear friend who was suffering from lung issues. This dream was further fueled by a deep passion to bring a portable device to the hands of people around the world that would help them breath easier.

The device had to check many boxes… It had to be clean and pure. It had to be discreet and stealthy. It had to reliable and convenient. It had to be ecological and sustainable. It had to be powerful and effective. It had to be affordable and widely available. And it had to be organic and renewable and dovetail the old world values of quality, longevity, and craftsmanship. 

After 20+ different prototypes, the LAUNCH BOX® design materialized, was patented, and found it’s way into production. People were then free to leave their living rooms and step out into the world confidently in stealth. Demand was high! And soon Forrest started hiring friends to assist as Magic Flight grew rapidly.

The product was a smashing success, and soon the LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb and the MD BOX® for Concentrates were shipping worldwide. Now, 13 years later, the LAUNCH BOX® and MD BOX® stands as one of the most efficient portable vaporizers in the world! No solder, No heavy metals, No internal moving parts, No electronics, and No microprocessors.

Many thousands of BOXES are cherished by their owners, reaching across six continents, and we are honored to continue to fulfill the demand for our wildly unique offerings.


Wood branded on the back of every traditional LAUNCH BOX®, this aphorism expresses 'one simple idea' whose time has come to create the next 'right step' in the evolution of human relationships.

LOVE IS that which enables Choice
LOVE IS Always Stronger than fear
ALWAYS choose on the basis of LOVE

Even the value of sustainability itself is a choice: the choice to continue to create choice. All of our Magic Flight products are a manifestation and symbol of our love, enabling so many people to choose to breathe a bit easier every day.

Over time, it is our hope that everyone will come to realize the amazing, life changing aspects of this approach, so that all life in this world can thrive!


Our glyph magically materialized one sunny afternoon on the coast of Del Mar in Southern California… After testing the first LAUNCH BOX® prototype, we were vibing and sharing about our experiences. A magical faerie was listening intently and intuitively sketched out our logo on a napkin.

Our Magic Flight glyph has since become an iconic symbol of our traditional company values of care and commitment, as well our dedication to crafting quality products, built for longevity. A rare standard in today’s age that we work hard to maintain and protect. 

Our glyph can be oriented in any direction. On its right side it contains a stylized ‘M’; on its left side it contains a stylized ‘F’ together representing Magic Flight. It can also be oriented upside down to symbolize the vapor emerging. And right-side up it represents a goddess with her arms upraised, embracing the value of the feminine qualities, the power of magic, and of the mystery.

Get LAUNCHED & enjoy the MAGIC of FLIGHT!