What is Magic Flight?

Magic Flight’s inception began with the inventor’s compassionate desire to bring relief to a dear friend who was suffering from lung issues who desperately wanted to benefit from the medicinal properties of herbs flower without combustion or smoke. The idea took flight, fueled by a deep passion, his vision expanded to bring this solution to the hands of people around the world to help others breathe easier. 

The dream had to check many boxes… It had to be clean pure. It had to be discreet stealthy, yet powerful effective. It had to be organic renewable. It had to be ecological sustainable, yet affordable widely available. It had to be reliable convenient while incorporating the Old World values of quality materials craftsmanship to create a device that would stand the test of time.

After 20+ different prototypes, a unique design materialized integrating a powerful, patented technology within a solid, handcrafted construction. The LAUNCH BOX® found its way into production. The product launch was a smashing success...demand was HIGH!

Soon the portable, handheld LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb and the ever popular MD BOX® for Concentrates devices were shipping worldwide. People were then free to leave their living rooms & for the first time step out confidently into the world in stealth style for their herbal vaporization enjoyment. 

Now, 14 years later, it has withstood the test of time. The artisan-crafted LAUNCH BOX® & MD BOX® stands Best in Class, as the only organic, most efficient, cleanest & reliable vaporizer in the world!

No solder No heavy metals No internal plastic
No internal moving parts No electronics No microprocessors ~

Today, many thousands of Magic Flight creations are cherished by their owners, reaching across six continents. We're honored to continue to fulfill the demand for our wildly unique offerings.


Since the very start, a special message was branded on the back of every traditional LAUNCH BOX®. This aphorism expresses one simple idea whose time has come to create the next right step in the evolution of human relationships:

LOVE IS that which enables Choice
LOVE IS Always Stronger than fear
ALWAYS choose on the basis of LOVE

Over time, it is our hope that everyone will come to realize the amazing, life changing aspects of this approach, so that all Life in this world can THRIVE!

All of our Magic Flight creations are a manifestation symbol of our LOVE, helping so many people to choose to breathe a bit easier every day.


One sunny afternoon on the California coast, as we were vibing sharing after testing the first LAUNCH BOX® prototype, a magical faerie listened intently & sketched out our logo on a paper napkin.

Our glyph is truly magical & can be oriented in any direction:

  • Upright, it represents a Goddess with her arms upraised, embracing the value of the feminine qualities, the power of Magic of the Mystery.
  • Upside down, it symbolizes the vapor emerging.
  • On its right-side, it contains a stylized ‘M’ for Magic.
  • On its left-side, it contains a stylized ‘F’ for Flight, together representing Magic Flight.

Our Magic Flight logo has become an iconic symbol of our care & commitment to Old World values, a rare standard in today’s age that we work hard to maintain & protect. 

Get LAUNCHED & enjoy the MAGIC of FLIGHT!