Get Lucky!

Get Lucky!

You may be asking yourself today ... Why don’t I have more green in my closet? Or Why do I have to worry about getting pinched or not? Or Are Leprechauns real?

At Magic Flight today... we’ve got plenty o’ green for our LAUNCH BOXES. We’re definitely not worried about pinching each other but happy to pinch a bit more green to grind up to LAUNCH a toast to the Irish heritage. And though the little people remain a mystery, we know that MAGIC is real. 

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, by popular demand, the seasonal LUCKY BOX is back for a flash with its four-leaf clover frosted across the lid of a Cherry LAUNCH BOX.

My mom had a four-leaf clover pressed between the pages of a book, which I discovered when I was a kid. Marveling at its uniqueness, I somehow ruined it. I felt so bad & honestly have been looking for one ever since to surprise her with, but I still have yet to find one in the wild.

Look no further! You can now carry your very own LUCKY shamrock with you wherever you go. It represents good fortune! So pinch of bit o’ green along with us today & enjoy the merry wonderment of the Green Queen herself.

The celebration of the Irish & Ireland's breathtaking, idyllic, lush hillscapes soon ushers in the Spring Equinox, which traditionally marks of the start of the Spring season. The north hemisphere awakes from its long winter slumber in full force and begins to bloom anew.

As the plants & animals respond to the incredible power of Mother Earth’s life force, we too have a keen opportunity to harness this energy. Setting clear intentions for your life, for  your health, for your friends, family, community, humanity, the world, or the infinite Universe may be a beautiful way to pay homage as the seasons change.

Your Flight Crew,
Sharing the Magic...

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