Daring Action ~ ARIES Magic

Daring Action ~ ARIES Magic

The ZODIAC cycle beginning with Early Spring, the season of ARIES, symbolic of the warrior ram leading the way, traipsing the edges of steep cliff faces, mastering a habitat that few are equipped to dare. 

In celebration of the plant kingdom together with our celestial influence, MAGIC FLIGHT conjured the ZODIAC MAGIC LAUNCH BOX COLLECTION. Join us as we breeze through the qualities of the Zodiac seasons & explore these archetypes. 

This LAUNCH BOX is for you, Dear ARIES as we celebrate your exciting qualities & easy-going nature. Those born with the Sun in this constellation tend to share these bold characteristics. Movement & challenges fuel ARIES as they are inclined to share their positive nature & exuberance. 

Sport your fierce independence as you swivel open your lid, with its bold ARIES ram laser-etched upon it, and your traditional Zodiac symbol wood branded onto the cherry hardwood. The LAUNCH BOX for Dried Herb is the best & cleanest handcrafted vaporizer on the market, designed for you to take your BOX confidently with your wherever your adventures lead.

Traditionally, we've collectively experienced the passage of time through our connection & observation of celestial bodies. Sailors used the stars to track & navigate their way across oceans. While land dwellers relied on the Sun Clock & phases of the moon for direction, planting & harvesting times & the migration of game.

Equinoxes & Solstices punctuate the major seasons, as the progression of the moon & star alignment point more specifically to celestial seasons that guide necessary actions or successful preparations throughout the year. Yet, today we are mostly unaware & often indoors as time passes via scrolling images, digital numbers & electronic reminders. However, these celestial seasons continue to march on, influencing the planet & all life upon it.

Our terra-celestial world is a perfectly orchestrated series of dynamic cycles of cooling to warming, offering dramatic transitions from the brilliance of day to sparkling night skies & so on. We'll continue our Zodiac Season exploration together in the coming months.

Your Flight Crew,
Sharing the Magic...
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