Magic Flight Celebrates 14th Birthday!

Magic Flight Celebrates 14th Birthday!

It’s been quite the journey & the marketplace has radically changed nearly a decade & a half later. But Magic Flight’s desire to continue to deliver the only organic vaporizer & superior way to enjoy concentrates has never wavered.

The durability of our unique, handcrafted LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb & MD DAB BOX® for Concentrates are unsurpassed. Our solid construction & quality materials have withstood the test of time.

We consistently hear from so many Magic Tribe fans here at our headquarters in San Diego, California boasting about their LAUNCH BOX® going strong 5, 8, 10 years after purchase. Our fans enjoy natural herbs, flower, cannabis as well as dabs, wax, shatter, resin & concentrates of all kinds.

We’re proud to introduce STARFLIGHT, our 14th Anniversary Edition LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb. The artwork for this sensational design was submitted by our Magic Tribe & voted “most popular”.

We love this thoughtful edition with its 14-pointed star laser-etched across the lid, each ray symbolizes one magical year after another. The dynamic wood-branded spiral represents our point of origin as we’ve expanded throughout the years to help more & more people breathe easier with peace of mind.

Check out our Wood-branded, Artisan Tribute selection to find the new,14th Anniversary EditionSTARFLIGHT LAUNCH BOX® & check out our ever popular 13th Anniversary Edition MAGIC XIII LAUNCH BOX®.

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