The History of Magic Flight's BOX

The History of Magic Flight's BOX

Magic Flight emerged from a spark of inspiration & a deep human desire to meet a need. The mission: to create something extraordinary from nothing to help a dear friend struggling with lung issues to benefit from the medicinal properties of the plant kingdom.

Forrest Landry’s genius was laser focused on a solution-driven trajectory that led to a pioneering invention. His vision was a hand-held, portable device, which would deliver medicinal benefits easily & conveniently. Smoke-free vaporization was the cleanest, healthier option to extract powerful cannabiniods & full flavor essence. This was not an easy feat since back in the mid-2000’s, the only options were big, tabletop devices that required a power outlet.

He diligently employed his knowledge of oh so many careful considerations including physics & fine carpentry skills. He toiled & tried numerous ideas & conjured various interesting inventions. Some fortunate folks piloted these early renditions for ease of use & effectiveness… what a fun ride that was!

After much trial & varying degrees of success, one fine day in 2009, elements came together to form an alchemical superstar. The LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb was born, Magic Flight was formed & our cutting edge technology was patented. People around the globe were finally free to step confidently out into the world & enjoy the purity in their recreational adventures & the medicinal properties of herb in stealth & style. Demand was high with Magic abound!

Our fans craved a device crafted for concentrates, so the MD DAB BOX® quickly became our next brilliant star. The mission did not end there however…Magic Flight has been shining bright for nearly a decade & a half.

Our local artisans are proud of the handmade LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb & the MD DAB BOX® for Concentrates that are crafted with love right here in sunny California, USA, from our hands to yours.

Explore the Magic of the Flight for yourself. There's so much more to the evolution story of Magic Flight...stay tuned.

Your Flight Crew,
Sharing the Magic...

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