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"An Immanent Metaphysics" by Forrest Landry

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Forrest Landry has penned multiple titles aiming to restore legitimacy to the scholarly pursuit of metaphysical inquiry & to provide tools for navigating life that help us to realize greater love in this world.  

For a deeper understanding of the aphorism Love is That Which Enables Choice branded on the back of the LAUNCH BOX®, you may choose to explore the Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom & The Effective Choice for a more in-depth exploration of these life-enhancing philosophies.  

For an even deeper inquiry, this book contains a summary of those concepts believed to be of maximum value in understanding key areas at the foundations of metaphysics. It can be seen as a “master class” in metaphysics & is recommended for advanced students of philosophy.      

  • Book Length: 129 pages 
  • Dimensions: 8 ½” x 11”