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The POWER PAC® Combo's modular design delivers total power flexibility & features a 4000 mAh Power Bank for boundless energy combined together with the POWER UP 3.0® with adjustable temperature control to perfectly dial in your LAUNCH with the push of a button. 

The POWER PAC® Combo provides both on or off-grid power to your LAUNCH BOX® & MD DAB BOX® (sold separately), giving you the freedom to LAUNCH anywhere, anytime.

Your POWER PAC Combo purchase includes: 

  • One (1) JET PAC 4000 mAh POWER BANK
  • Plus the POWER UP 3.0 with the following components:
    • One (1) Rheostat 
    • One (1) Mag-Con Cable
    • One (1) 18-watt Wall Plug
    • One (1) Stretchy Velvet Carrying Pouch
ATTN! ** CONTINENTAL US DELIVERY ONLY.  International shipments are not permitted per transport restrictions. Select the POWER UP 3.O option as an alternative.