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You & your friends will orbit around this beautiful tabletop bubbler. When pure flavor is important to you, use the Orbiter bubbler with the Launch Box or MD Dab Box to share & enjoy your ultra-smooth Launch hookah-style!

This Orbiter has two wood-accented Whips comprised of black, medical grade silicone tubing. One Whip connects to the Launch Box or MD Dab Box & the other is a Drawing Whip for your elevated herbal enjoyment. 

Your Orbiter Purchase includes: 

  • One (1) borosilicate Glass Orb
    • with perforated down-stem & two top receptacles
  • One (1) contoured solid hardwood Base
    • with brass handle attachment 
  • Two (2) wood-accented medical grade silicone Whips
    • 27" & 18" lengths with standard 14.5mm tapered glass fittings
    • branded with our signature glyph
  • One (1) non-toxic silicone gel packet
    • helps glass-on-glass fittings slide easily

IF YOUR GLASS ORB HAS BEEN DAMAGED, REPLACEMENTS ARE AVAILABLE HERE (without needing to purchase a complete Orbiter kit)