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Sweetly Calming

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This delightfully floral herbal blend has a gentle, balmy flavor & is a beneficial alternative for those trying to kick the smoking habit.

Lavender, Chamomile & Lemon Balm may encourage restful sleep & relaxation, promote focus, & may have a soothing & settling effect internally. Damiana is known for its mood-enhancing properties & calming effects on the body.

Wonderful to enjoy on its own or add to your herb to stretch or enhance the experience & effects.

SWEETLY CALMING Herbal contains:

  • .07 ounce blend Damiana - Lavender - Lemon Balm - Chamomile Flower 
Expertly blended by the good folks at VaporBrothers. *All ingredients are pure, dried natural plants & herbs. There are NO synthetic compounds present.*