Kick the Smoking Habit

Kick the Smoking Habit

We all know that smoking isn’t good for our body. But when that smoky inhale & exhale triggers those pleasure centers, it can be tough to quit! Smoke can damage more than just your lungs, over time it can wreak havoc on your overall health.

Habits are best beat with an unwaivering decision, goals are set & by creating a healthier alternative to reach for when breaking an emotional movement pattern. The LAUNCH BOX® can be a solid solution. Here’s why… 

The LAUNCH BOX® is unique, it’s unlike any other vaporizer that you’ve seen with many advantages & has a tremendous amount of flexibility. 

Organic Vaporization

The LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb is the best vaporizer on the market because it's the only organic solution & delivers the purest vape available, so you enjoy the medicinal properties of herbal essence without smoke or combustion. The LAUNCH BOX® does not require cartridges, which often contain chemicals, additives or mysterious liquids. So, now you’ve got a superior method for enjoying plant medicine!

Customize Your Blend

An excellent alternative to tobacco (which is often laden with pesticides & other chemicals) are natural herbs with beneficial properties. Magic Flight offers three different types of herbal blends: BLANCING BLEUS, FEELIN’ FINE & SWEETLY CALMING. Each one has a carefully curated blend of medicinal herbs that are THC-free.

Clean & Pure 

The LAUNCH BOX® design features a pure 304 grade stainless steel screen, which is the same type used in high-end cookware. We only use quality materials & never use solder so, there’s no lead or heavy metals of any kind. It’s just you & the pure essence of your herbal enjoyment.

The LAUNCH BOX® doesn't need any butane gas to operate. Its clean operation is powered by the Magic Flight BATTERY or our POWER UP 3.0 or JET PAC power bank. 

You’ve got the Power

Simply swivel open the lid & sprinkle your favorite herbal blend into the trench. You can easily customize your blend based on time of day or what you’re in the mood for. Power heats to temp in just 3-5 seconds flat! It's quick & you’ll never need to clean the screen, simply brush out material after use. It’s that easy!

Quality Construction

The LAUNCH BOX® features non-electronic patented technology, which makes it incredibly reliable, with no electronic circuit boards, no internal plastic & no moving parts to break or fail. Artisan-crafted from a single block of hardwood, the LAUNCH BOX® is the only organic, solid wood vaporizer. It’s strong & rugged! Because of its unique qualities, the character & personality of your stunning LAUNCH BOX® becomes even richer over time. 

The LAUNCH BOX® is the best smokeless vaporizer for dried herbs on the market today. Its unique features leverage the medicinal properties of the plant kingdom & delivers a pure, full-flavored vapor. So the next time you have a craving or impulse, reach for your stunning & wildly unique LAUNCH BOX® instead.

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