The MD BETA BOX Origin Story

The MD BETA BOX Origin Story

 Magic Flight offers two different powerful options to enjoy the benefits of the herbal variety: the LAUNCH BOX® for Dried Herb & the MD BOX® for Concentrates. The most important distinction to make between cannabis flowers & concentrates is potency.



When concentrates are your preferred method of enjoying the medicinal & beneficial properties of herb, it’s the MD BETA BOX to the rescue! This robust BETA BOX is the only organic, portable vaporizer for concentrates & is your superior & virtually indestructible alternative to expensive dab rigs.

This powerhouse device came about due to massive demand & was the first rendition of our DAB BOX for Concentrates line. It's artisan-constructed from solid maple (the strongest hardwood we offer) & finished with non-toxic India ink, then topped with a stylish optical-grade magnification lens.

Concentrates are massively popular providing a robust, fast-track effect, often with a higher THC or CBD-rich content. The benefit of concentrates is that the extraction processes strip out the excess plant material in order to isolate the active compounds of THC or CBD. There are copious dab options out there to choose from & your local budtender can help with your selection if you are new on the scene or are curious about the benefits of concentrates.

The BETA BOX is POWERFULLY efficient. It's exclusively designed for POTENT delivery from a variety of concentrates including: shatter, wax, honeycomb, sap, & oil. Some extracts such as live resin often retain impressive flavor profiles & some connoisseurs report the refining process tastes even better & cleaner than the flower it was derived from!

The POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS, when the awareness of your health & well-being is paramount! The advantage of the BETA BOX is that a tiny dab delivers a fresh, clean experience every time. It requires NO CARTRIDGE, like most vape pens, so there are no mysterious liquids, unknown chemicals or questionable additives to heat & reheat.

After using your BETA BOX, you can quickly and easily restore it to its original functionality, with Magic Flight’s 3-pack REPLACEMENT SCREENS. The BETA BOX screen is replaceable. Simply unclip the used screen & snap in your new one. We never use solder, so there is no lead or heavy metal, just a pure 304 stainless steel screen. This is the same stainless steel used in high-end cookware & is designed to withstand very high heat temperatures.

Each BETA BOX is comprised of high quality materials & is made with love from our hearts & hands to yours. We bring people together to share in the Magic of herbal enjoyment, so you can CONCENTRATE BETTER!

Your Flight Crew,
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