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Replacement Screens (for MD Dab Box)

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Restore your MD Dab Box to its original functionality by replacing the screen. Simply detach the previously used screen & pop in a replacement by clipping it onto the rails. This handy 3-pack will have you back up & flying in no time. 

Your Replacement Screen 3-Pack Purchase includes:     

  • Three (3) stainless steel MD Dab Box Replacement Screens   

    NOTE: If you purchase three or more 3-packs, you can save 10% by using the Discount Code: SAVEON3   
** IMPORTANT! The MD Box for Dabs & Concentrates has been carefully designed for use with PURE legal cannabis or hemp extracts & oil concentrates without additives ONLY. It is NOT DESIGNED for use with any other oils, extracts or e-liquids. Many herbal oils, extracts & e-liquids may contain unknown additives or ingredients whose effects are not well understood & may be EXTREMELY HARMFUL when magnified by the action of the MD Box.  ALWAYS vape Responsibly! **