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The 12-volt CAR ADAPTER is a replacement part for the POWER PAC or POWER UP 3.0 

AKA Car Charger, plugs into any 12-volt port power source (auto, RV, boat, generator, etc.) for a DUAL function as it connects to either: 

(1) the MAG-CON CABLE of the POWER UP 3.0 to power your LAUNCH BOX® or MD BOX®.

(2) the black, 2 PORT BATTERY CHARGER to recharge your AA BATTERY SET on-the-go. 

Your CAR ADAPTER Purchase includes: 

  • One (1) CAR ADAPTER plugs into12-volt port power source 
    • Plugs into12-volt port power source 
    • This alone will NOT power your BOX
    • *Purchase this item if you own the POWER PAC or POWER UP  3.0 & need a replacement Car Adapter*