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MD Noir Dab Box - Limited Edition

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This striking ebony MD Noir Dab Box for Dabs & Concentrates is a superior device that powerfully delivers the full flavor of your favorite extracts instantly! Easy set up & simple clean up.

It's crafted from solid maple hardwood & infused with non-toxic India Ink for a sleek & stylish look. Features a replaceable stainless steel screen, so you can restore your Box to its original functionality with a Replaceable Screen.

The MD Noir Dab Box features a shiny brass-lined bowl & is topped with brass fittings & a stylish, optical-grade magnification lens. It also includes a medical-grade silicone tube Drawing Whip with brass tips to cool your draw.

FLIGHT TIP: Pair it with the Orbiter for the smoothest, filtered Concentrated LAUNCH... so you can CONCENTRATE BETTER!


The MD BOX® is …

For Concentrates

A superior device designed to efficiently extract the robust essence of resins, wax, shatter, badder, or hash in a flash.

Patented Technology

Reaches max temp instantly. Rugged & reliable! No electronic circuitry. No internal moving parts.

Easy to Use

Swivel the magnification lens lid open, apply concentrate to screen, pop in your power source to LAUNCH.

External Power Source

Choose your own adventure! Three convenient options for at-home, on-the-go or ANYWHERE.

Modular Gear

Customize with multiple accessories. We recommend your favorite BUBBLER filtration option.


Ultra efficient extraction. Built-to-last. Replacement screen restores device to original functionality.

Organic Materials

Solid wood & pure stainless steel. Topped with brass fittings & glass lens. Finished with food-grade mineral oil or India ink.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

100% produced in-house with LOVE & meticulous care by skilled local artisans in San Diego, USA.

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Replaceable stainless steel screen
  • Features brass fittings
  • Optical-grade magnification lens
  • No solder or heavy metal
  • No electronic circuitry
  • No cartridges or additives
  • Side chamber for external power supply